Just wanted to share my experience and hope it can help others to be more careful.
We placed an order of baby cot from Bobo House in October 2011 during the baby expo and paid the deposit. The cot was supposed to be delivered mid Jan 2012.

I called them today to confirm the delivery date, and to my surprise I was informed that I may not be able to get the cot as they are currently out of stock and the shipment is delayed because of Chinese New Year.
I found their excuse unacceptable, as I've placed my order way back in Oct 2011. What's the point of placing order in advanced then?

Now I'm at loss and scrambling to get a cot in time before my EDD which is approaching soon.

Hope other parents considering to purchase from them will be more careful, so this episode won't happen them. I guess having a backup plan is always a good idea, so you won't be caught off guard when something wrong happen.