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Do you come across?

This is a discussion on Do you come across? within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi mummies i put my gal of 10mths to sleep in those baby cot. mine is those white baby cot. ...

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    Do you come across?

    Hi mummies i put my gal of 10mths to sleep in those baby cot. mine is those white baby cot. ever since she is able to move around in e cot as in chnage her sleeping postion eveyhwere in the cot you will find her kicking the sides o the railing or rather on one side o the railing. her slpg postion is ever changing you will find her @ e extreme end o cot bed n another end few hours later. only the inner side of the cot near e wall is tied with bumper n the other side where we lower down the railing during diaper change n etc we dont tie the bumper cse we cant lower the railing properly. this is also the same side that she will kick every am when she is awake but i,m not. so it sort o make those sounds n of cse i,l know she is awake by then . my concern is she is most o the times kicking quite hard on the railings which i,m quite worried that prolong kicking will cse her littlefeet to be deformed m i over reacting???????? been thinking to put those long long pillow to lie by the side o the railing to prevent her frm kicking but on e other hand worried it will cover her face when her kicks is too power n cse the long pillow to also change postion. what can i do to prevent her kickig on e railings ???????????? really worried cse her kicks r quite powerful n her feet really lands hard on e railing so much so you will also feel the impact n e pain ????????????

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    Re: Do you come across?

    sounds like my girl's cot. by the way at 10 months we dont't use cot bumper anymore. cause like you said they flip here & there and the cot bumper dont't cover the sliding railing so we thought no point.

    she will kick the railing, get her leg stuck in between and we can find her in the morning with her legs dangling through the railings out of the cot.

    kids are quite hardy so even if we think it's very painful actually it's nothing to them, especially if your girl doesn't cry from the kicks.

    my girl is now 15 months and her legs looks normal to me and she is walking normally too.

    i think if you put a pillow there somehow in the night she flip here and there kick here and there the pillow will be removed from its position. but like you said what if it cover her face? so i think it won't solve the problem also.

    if it is affecting your girl's sleep i think eventually she will learn not to get too close to the railings at night. Now my girl still flip here and there in her sleep but she seems to subconsciously know the boundaries so she dont't really sleep very near the railings anymore.

    dont't worry too much.
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