Hi mummies,

how long does your baby take to finish expressed breastmilk in a bottle?

I'm facing a lot of difficulties feeding my dear son EBM. dear son is already 4 mths old. He needs about 1 - 1.5hrs to finish 150ml.

We brought him to see a therapist 1.5mths ago. She criticised us for instilling bad habits to dear son by allowing him to be bottlefed in an awkward position and told us to do the following to encourage his sucking motion:
1) use a squirt bottle
2) feed him in a half sitting position
3) stimulate his suck with a probe stick
4) allow him to suck on his fingers.

My mum accompanied me for the visit. Whatever the therapist had suggested was opposite what my mum has been practising when she raised her own kids. She was so angered by the therapist's suggestions that she told me off that only the stupid will follow the above nonsense....
However, I am very worried now. The therapist mentioned that sucking is 2nd nature to them at this stage and feeding time should not drag so long. This could mean my baby may be having developmental problems.

I feel stuck. dear son' pediatrician has proposed changing milk teats to either b-free or dr brown. Has any mums used these 2 brands? Can these teats fit into philips bottles?

My mum has bought a number of philips bottles and she was very mad when I wanted to follow the pediatrician's suggestion to change bottles and teats. It would mean throwing away the philips feeding sets if the new sets work....