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Flat Head

This is a discussion on Flat Head within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi all, read a brochure promoting the mimos pillow that claims to prevent 'flat head' or plagiocephaly. Went to the ...

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    Flat Head

    Hi all,

    read a brochure promoting the mimos pillow that claims to prevent 'flat head' or plagiocephaly.

    Went to the website and found that it costs $119!!!

    Is it really necessary to get the pillow?


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    Worthy Lady pixie's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
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    Re: Flat Head

    Hi, my baby girl is 3-ish months old now. Honestly, I didn't let her sleep on a pillow, simply because I was afraid that she might suffocate herself as now as currently she is learning to flip over and prefer to sleep side way. I just fold a big towel and use it as a pillow. However, I do intend to provide her a pillow at a later stage e.g. when she finally manage to turn around on both sides.

    P/S I do not believe that any pillow can help to prevent flat head.

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    Re: Flat Head

    There are far too many companies out there who just want to suck every dollar out of parents, usually causing fear in them to buy their products. Pillows are highly not recommended for babies or toddlers under 2 years old due to SIDS risk. My 18 month old still does not have a pillow and his head is nice and round

    The best thing to do to prevent flat head is lots of tummy time when your baby is awake. It strengthens their neck, shoulders and helps them develop well (and it is free too!) When they are young they may develop a flat spot but once they are able to roll on their own their heads will become round as their skull is still soft. By this time the risk of SIDS also reduces greatly so it is ok if baby starts sleeping on their tummy or side on their own

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    Worthy Lady cel.lea's Avatar
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    Re: Flat Head

    lol looks like there's a lot of mummies out there who do not believe in pillows like this one. i dont use pillow to prevent 'flat head'. my baby sleep in a 'sarong' & has no flat head. if he has to be in the cot, i always make sure i turn him slightly to his side every half an hr, rotate. pls pls do make sure most stuff eg pillows, blanket, toys are out of way. to prevent suffocation. my baby's cot has nothing on it.

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    Imperial Concubine xiaodaisy's Avatar
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    Re: Flat Head

    personally , i dont believe in such pillows

    my eldest boy sleep in pillow too and so far no such flat head .. its just that the company wanna earn money lol

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