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Formula milk questions.. Pls advise

This is a discussion on Formula milk questions.. Pls advise within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi all, I have some questions about formula milk.. You see, i have just change 3 times of formula milk ...

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    Formula milk questions.. Pls advise

    Hi all,

    I have some questions about formula milk.. You see, i have just change 3 times of formula milk as first milk is Similac and it causes oily poop on my baby .. Then i change to s26 but it cause my baby to have hard stools..

    Now i have just change to nan pro 1, which is my hospital is giving to my son when i was staying in as i have had c section and unable to breast feed him.. And i have checked with the nurses over there and they fed him nan pro 1, so i decided to try to see if its okay for my precious baby..

    There fore i would like to seek some advise or experiences from you mummys

    1) for similac and s26, the tin indicate that 60ml of water and 1 scoop of milk powder but for nan pro 1, it indicate 3 scoop and 90 ml of water.. Will that b alot?
    how come it require so much??

    2) how do i know if baby is full ??

    3) i have some issues in my baby. Hes an prematured abots 2 days earlier as the cord is tangled so we need c section to have it remove.. But when ever i fed him milk, about 1 or 1hr 30 mine later, he start to cry.. Is it okay to feed him that much amount of milk??

    4) how do i know if baby want milk when he cry? Does he cry means that he want milk? Hav check him pampers and play wit him for awhile and sometimes evrn carry him but still crying..
    Have even spoken to doc, but he say some babies are like this and its okay to feed him.

    5) in the nan pro 1 tin, they indicate that 9 feeds per day.. So if its okay to b more then that??

    6) last but not least.. Sorry about it..
    If lets say i fed my baby 90 ml of 3 scoop nan pro 1 as indicate on the tin at 2.00 pm,then at about 3 or 3.15 pm, he started to cry again for milk.. Must i feed another 90ml of 3 scoops??Or less?? But the tin say less will lead baby to b hydration etc..

    Please guide me along as my mother in law and me is very confused.. My husband keep finding out for more info in web but different person has different opinion..

    Thanks all mummys that help me out. I really appreciated it alot..
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    Female Attendant tj nora yenti's Avatar
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    Re: Formula milk questions.. Pls advise

    can anyone advise?

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    Re: Formula milk questions.. Pls advise

    Wow, that's a lot of questions

    1) follow the instructions on the can accurately. Different brands will have different formulations. Too little powder baby may not have enough nutrition; too much baby may get dehydrated, so stick with e instructions on the can.

    2) when baby stops drinking, they have enough but if your baby is very young <1mth & sleeps a lot, wake him up to drink milk frequently, 2- 2.5hrs-3hrly (start of feed to start of feed). They should be having 8-12 feeds a day.

    3) when you say 1-1.5hrs, you r refering to start of feed to start of feed? If so, it's a bit close but if he is hungry, feed him. he could also be having gas or uncomfortable or maybe just want to sleep. Hard stools r uncomfortable . Is his tummy hard? Burp him every 20-30ml when you feed him. If the doc prescribed Ridwind, make sure he burps out the gas, else it would be very uncomfortable.

    4) babies cry for lots of reasons. Can be uncomfortable or just want to be carried. But babies in the early months are growth spurting very frequently so you get a lot of fussing. rooting is a very clear sign esp if he just woke up & e cry they make usually have a neh sound. Do note, baby can also be rooting when they r sleepy n just want to suck. So what I do is feed e baby when he wakes, that way I know he is more likely to be hungry than sleepy

    5) that is just average guideline. babies r all different so is stomach size, so drink different amts & different frequency! What I did was to make up 90mls and feed e baby. Cannot finish, never mind, next time make less. If finish all, then make 30ml more and test to see if he takes it. If he takes, he wants more. So by doing this you can gauge hhow much per feed. But baby not robot, so doesn't drink e same all e time. Bottle feeding is like that, wastage is high.

    6) you dont't have to stick to times on the can nor the qty feed baby the amt he wants (pt5) & when he wants (pt4). If all babies behave e same, then they r robots yah. Just make sure e number of scoops per xx ml of water is according to can instructions.

    you will find as baby grow older, he will settle into a more regular routine.

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