Hi mummies,

My 7 1/2 month daughter had been sleeping through until recently .. and she is waking up earlier n earlier like between 4-5am and then refuse to sleep. We had to rock her for one hour before she goes back to sleep, if not, we will give her milk at last resort n she will eventually fell asleep after hour n half. We start giving her solid food when she was 6 month old, initially, we just give her cereal a day and her total breast milk intake a day is about 700-750ml. I had since start introducing her to porridge n her daily milk intake had drop to 580-650, will have cereal (1 n 1/2 tablespoon ) for Bf, Lunch porridge n evening porridge. Her last feed is 10-11pm and she only drink 60-80ml milk. She used to go to bed at 7-7:30pm but now because of the solid, i had push her sleeping time to 8-9pm( she cant take porridge immediately after drinking milk, so i had to wait n hour after her milk to feed porridge). Ever since with the introduction of solid, her day time nap had also gone abit haywire, she now sleep at 11am, 2-3pm , n sometime 7pm nap for n hr. ( she use to be napping at 9-10am, 12-1:30pm and 5-5:30pm) since then , she had been waking up earlier n earlier and refuse to sleep. Can you advise me what i had done wrong resulting her waking up so early n refusing to sleep?