My lil boy has Urinary Tract Infection - UTI.He is only 3 weeks old.I went to Kandang Kerbau Hospital & got him admitted 2day morning @ 1am.But,i was soo pissed of widd the MOs -Medical Officer there.Seriously treating a lil boy like a guinea pig whu is so young.They said he have block nose & might be a suspected virus.Taking lots of blood sample & not keeping up to what they say.Fcukkin HELL.Thereafter couldnt tolerate what they were doing.Got hym discharge after 7 hours.When to private doc & he said they shldnt have squeeze out tad much blood out of hym.Furthermore, he dosent have block nose.I s eriously doubt about how they treat the lil ones with care.I would like to know how long does UTI take to recover .?i cant reli see my son crying helplessly.he is soo small .Has any mum ever encountered the same situation.? Pls share your views MUMMIES .Now i've kept my lil boy at home as his fever has subside.Frequently sponging hym.I've got to wait till wednesday as i've made a appointment for a kidney specialist to assist on this matter.MOs are seriously not reliable.If the fever increases,i would have to go baq to Kandang Kerbau Hospital to admit hym.sigh .!not liking the idea.!