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I lost temper easily!!!

This is a discussion on I lost temper easily!!! within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; My gal is coming to 14mths. She was a active n playful child since young and dont like to sleep. ...

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    I lost temper easily!!!

    My gal is coming to 14mths. She was a active n playful child since young and dont like to sleep. She will cry n throw her temper if I try to coax her sleep. But sometime i will throw my temper by hitting n scolding her if she is very naughty. But after that my heart will be pain why I done this to her. Sometime to the extend I thinking to use cane to cane her but I didn't... I dont have the patient to take care of a kid if too naughty I will just hit her.

    Other thing is she sleep very late at 12.30am.. I been trying to train her sleep early as 10pm but failed. I see my friends kids they can sleep as early as 9pm but why my gal can't? I really lost n I can't control my temper as well.. Am I sick or what?

    Can someone tell me what to do

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    Re: I lost temper easily!!!

    can yr husband help you to handle yr gal when you are heated? i will get heated too especially i am handling my son alone, i beat his butt too but no more than that. try to ask help when you cannot handle. at that age, they are very playful want.

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    Re: I lost temper easily!!!

    Kids have their tantrums and we need to understand why they are acting out. I am no angel, I have my moments of frustration too. But I always feel that we should never let it out on the kids. When you hit your child, you need to know whether it is out of anger or are you trying to teach her something.

    If for example, she wants to touch a hot iron even though you have told her "no" repeatedly, then I think it is ok to hit her lightly on her hand to signify that if she touches the iron, she will feel pain. But if she is being stubborn over something that is not a danger to her, then maybe you would like to be firm in your voice when you tell her no.

    Always be consistent in your rules. Use the "stare" and a firm voice. Do not hit your child out of anger because the child might grow up not building a trust in you and you will also regret your actions.

    With that being said, I also must add that I believe in the saying, 'Spare the rod, spoil the child'. But I stop at hitting out of anger. If you identify that you are already angry at that moment and might not be able to discipline her right, then you might need to cool down first or walk away and let someone else handle the situation. maybe your hubby?

    As Alisa said, kids at that age can be very playful and stubborn.

    As for sleeping. Does she take naps in the noon? And what time does she wake up? Set a routine. E.g. Get her to wake up at 8am. Nap time from 1pm to 3pm and then bedtime 9pm. It takes awhile to set the routine but you need to follow through with it even during weekends till she is used to it. If she naps late in the afternoon, e.g. 5pm to 7pm, then she might sleep later at night.

    During the initial stage, I normally get my kids to bed at 9pm. I will lie down with them and switch off all the lights. They take some time to fall asleep but once they get used to the routine, it becomes a breeze.

    Hope it helps

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    I lost temper easily!!!

    İ believe that sleep issue makes all things more difficult. You'll be calmer and more tolerated if she&you could sleep better. First you should arrange her sleep routine for days. After that you can make her to go sleep earlier at nights. İt must be latest 21:00 for her age. Does she have sleeping routine before going to bed?

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