my son 8 month old drinking mamil gold step 2 follow on formula

1) he has rashes near to his mouth area, i am not sure does it cause by milk allergy or is milk rash.
  • mamil gold step 2 follow on formula does contain casein which other formula milk does not contain casein.
2) my boy will poo at least 3-4 times, it is loose stools and will soiled his clothing
  • i have check with dumex advisor, they say it is normal for baby to have loose stools
right now i have switch him to nan ha for the past 1 week
  • the rashes on his mouth area still remain without recovering
  • at the start of drinking nan ha, he poo very often 5-6 times for the past 5 days
  • i bring him to see a family doctor, the doctor ask me to reduce the scoop to half, he poo lesser 1-2 time and if i increase to full strength he will poo 5-6 times again.
helpless mummy here