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Which month than feed with rice?

This is a discussion on Which month than feed with rice? within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; For me, i feel is about 1yr+ when they have more teeth than can tk rice. But Quite angry over ...

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    Which month than feed with rice?

    For me, i feel is about 1yr+ when they have more teeth than can tk rice. But Quite angry over my inlaw, cos she feed my baby(10mth) with 1bowl of rice.(cos 1wk my baby stay there for 2day so i can do my hswork and look after my big gal) told my dear husband to tell her mum not to give so much as hard to digest cos she only have 1teeth now. but he kept quiet.

    When she look after my sister In law's dear daughter, i still rem she feed her with rice when she turn 2yrs+.

    So izzit safe for a 10mth baby to take a bowl of rice?

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    Re: Which month than feed with rice?

    actualli, baby can start eating rice once they are ok with the texture. for my boi, he reject pureed food at 9mths+...then when we give him rice with pureed vege and soup, he eat double of his usual quantity!!!

    cos he is teething, gum itchy n he know how to chew e food with his gums already...so we just let him try...he did not choke or make gagging noises, so it is ok...

    every baby is different, you gotta try n see for your baby

    when cooking the rice, add more water so it is softer, easier to digest my boi has been eating that since 9mths plus, so problems, dont worry...n for starters, mix small amt of rice into the pureed food first...then if can, use spoon to mash the rice slightly over time then give the rice with soup

    actualli, by 1 yo, they r suppose to be eating the same food as us, which means rice with vege, meat, soup, etc....but the texture of the vege n meat should be chopped up into smaller pieces for them

    my boi onli had 2 lower teeth when he started on rice n my mum let him have small pcs of soft fruits like papaya, watermelon, he loves it!
    Empty vessels make the most noise

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