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Pacifier Problem...

This is a discussion on Pacifier Problem... within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Originally Posted by Mummy3 I actually had this idea but not tried yet. Y not let the baby wear a ...

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    Re: Pacifier Problem...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mummy3 View Post
    I actually had this idea but not tried yet. Y not let the baby wear a children size mask over the pacifier. Like that will not drop and is still breatheable. Haha... If anyone tried this method before, care to share?

    HAHA.. just for joke - we pek chek until thinking of using scotch tape to hole te pacfier... and it's still a joke..

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    Re: Pacifier Problem...

    Quote Originally Posted by angelwendy View Post
    oh ok... means i gotta standby to put back in his mouth again... hahaha.. sometime is just tiring.. when he is sleeping you cant rest but to standby for him... yup i did hold it for a while till he suck then i let go.. but after a few min it will drop again... haha.. hmm... since all of you say your baby is same... so i think i just gotta bear with it...

    Or i can try but the tommi tippy that you intro?? will go look for it....
    Angelwendy it's spelt Tommee Tippee. I think that brand you can find in Mothercare and Kiddy Palace. Btw my son (Mar baby, around your baby's age also) will 'drop' his paci but more of like 'pop' out when he falls asleep. And so long as he doesn't cry, I won't put it back into his mouth. He just needs it to fall asleep. But if he cries when it pops out bcos he hasn't fall asleep then I'll just push his face closer to my chest when carrying him so that the paci 'glued' to chest n wont drop, until he sucks it properly then I'll pull him away frm chest to get more air hehhehe or simply just put index finger on d paci until he suck properly then let go.

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    Re: Pacifier Problem...

    My 5 month old gal also uses the Tommee Tippee pacifier. She wants to suck all the time. Whats worse is that she prefers her finger to the pacifier and will keep pushing her fingers in along with the pacifier and then the pacifier will drop. She will stuff 2 or 3 fingers into her mouth and then gag.....My sisters all tell me my baby is bulimic...coz when she gags, she vomits. sighs...

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