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Share your experience how to deal with when baby falls sick?

This is a discussion on Share your experience how to deal with when baby falls sick? within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; hi, dear all, I am going to send my baby to the infant care next week when he is 3.5months ...

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    Share your experience how to deal with when baby falls sick?

    hi, dear all,

    I am going to send my baby to the infant care next week when he is 3.5months old, i know may be it is too young for him to go, but no choice as i will be returning to work soon so thinking to let him starts to go to the centre 2 weeks earlier before i starts work.

    I heard pple told me, even my paed also tell me that usually baby will fall sick easily when he goes to infant care, i am a bit worried as i got no experience in taking care of sick baby....plse help to share your experince here..like when we noticed baby is having fever >37.5 in the middle of the night, can we give baby the paracetamol ? ( when i brought him for the jab, the paed give for standby) or try to sponge him...or what else we can do?

    and how to detect whether baby is on diarrhoe?

    sigh...i choose to go back to work, partly also because i dont't want to stay at home to face my mother in law, we have maid at home but the maid is not looking after baby. and i also recluntant to let baby stay home with my mother in law and maid. No choice, got to send baby to infant care. Hope he would not fall sick so easily

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    Re: Share your experience how to deal with when baby falls sick?

    hi giarafe,

    i was in same shoes as you.

    i had no help and have to put baby at infant care also when my dear son was 3.5 months.

    he's now 8 mths and absolutely loves the infant care because there're a lot of kids and a lot of toys for him to play with.

    it is true that chances of them falling ill will be higher. my dear son got diarrhea as well as caught a cold since he started infant care. he got diarrhea coz another kid had it. he also caught the cold because some other kid got it. but kids seems to recover very quickly so i didn't need to utilise too many days leave to take care of him.

    he only started to catch the illnesses when i stopped my breastmilk to him. i think because of the sudden drop in antibodies, he's immune system is also slightly weaker.

    as for administering paracetamol, i gave him once when his temp was higher than 37.5. after that his temp subsided but must keep monitoring...

    when my baby had diarrhea and cold, he had completely no appetite... very worrying but no choice... gotta try to feed him. you will know when he has diarrhea when his stools are like water.... and he poo a lot of times.. more than his frequent amt. my dear son has a lot of poo.. he poos 4-5 times a day even when he is on solids. when he had diarrhea, he poo 7-8 times a day... so when the poo texture and poo frequency is different, it's most likely diarrhea.

    my baby is on a routine feed so it's easier for me to plan when to feed him and also to instruct the teachers to feed him. routine feeding makes him more predictable.

    overall i'm very happy with the infant care service for my baby... which infant care are you considering?

    you still very lucky to spend 2 weeks with him at infant care. i only spent 1 day with my dear son at the infant care... but he took on to it pretty well. he cried the first week when he was there... the infant care told me but they're used to it coz most babies go thru this phase. once they are used to it, it is ok... like my dear son... always smiling when he sees the infant care teacher. haha...

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