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Sleep prob

This is a discussion on Sleep prob within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi, My baby turning 5 month next week. He always want to be held to sleep. Just when I thought ...

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    Sleep prob


    My baby turning 5 month next week. He always want to be held to sleep. Just when I thought he's in deep sleep, 15mins after putting him down in his cot he cried, have to pick him up to make him sleep again. This cycle goes on every night until 1am, that's when he really sleeps for 11 hours till next morning, only wakes up to feed twice.

    Some friends said I shouldn't complain too much as he actually let me sleep well at night, just that he has problem getting into sleep.

    Does anyone have this problem getting their babies to sleep? Someone mentioned to me about sleep training.

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    Re: Sleep prob

    Yep my boy was the same at different months... I didn't bother with sleep training and just breastfed him to sleep as it worked best for us During the day I would either breastfeed or rock him to sleep as well since he needed it.

    They'll learn to self settle eventually...my son is 21 months now and needs one of us to be there to fall asleep but we dont't mind. There's no black and white rule as to what to do, so go with what you feel works well for you and your son

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    Re: Sleep prob

    Same prob with my 3 month old, Monamacy. Even if I nurse him to him, he sometimes will suddenly wake up and fuss. Takes an hour plus to settle him into bed. It's the same same for afternoon naps! Initially Yao lan works but seems to be rejecting it now. I've to try different ways to get him to sleep, nurse on bed, sling and rock, sling and nurse, hold and rock etc. hope he outgrows it soon!

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