anyone did and is successful in making your baby sleep through the night or at least sleeps longer? how long does it takes? ive been trying to get my girl to skip her midnight feed and only feed her after sunrise everyday for about 8days now but still it isnt working very nicely. its better but not yet consistent.. she used to wake 2 times a night for milk around 1-2am and 5-6am but this whole week, she has been waking up only at 5-6am for milk half of the week. another half, she still wakes but i dont give her milk. instead, i just carry her..

i wonder how long more will she start to totally give up waking up in midnight??

another thing i realise.. ever since the sleep training, she has been waking up for milk at 5-6am and then dont wanna go back to sleep! she will be awake for 1-1.5hrs and playing by herself till she falls asleep back by herself.. she dosent want to be put on her cot too so i always put her on my bed and transfer her to her cot after she fell asleep..and she has been waking up earlier! used to be 8.30am but after sleep training starts, it became 7am! now im confuse. i dont know if this sleep training is a good thing or a bad thing.. at least before sleep training, though she wakes 2 times a night, she will go right off to bed after every feed and finally up for the day at a later time (meaning she slept longer)...

anyone care to share your experience?? how you do it and how long does it takes for them to be consistently sleeping through? i cant give pacifier or bottle cos she dosent know how to take them as im exclusively breastfeeding. btw, my girl is 7.5mths old now.