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Sleeping pattern always changed??

This is a discussion on Sleeping pattern always changed?? within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; My dear son is now 8 months old and he used to be sleeping through. His last feed is normally ...

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    Sleeping pattern always changed??

    My dear son is now 8 months old and he used to be sleeping through. His last feed is normally 11-12am and he normally wake up around 5-6am for milk. After milk, he can fall back to sleep on his own pretty fast. But lately, he wanted his milk earlier around 10-1030 and he will wake up around 2-3am for milk. After milk he seems so wide awake and wanted to play!! I try to rock him to sleep and it sometimes take be 1hour to get him to sleep. And he will only sleep around 2 hours then wake up again.

    Any mummys have any similar experience to share? I am feeding him 220ml which sometimes last 5 hours but lately seems like can only last 4 hours Am I feeding him too much?
    He also take porriage during lunch and dinner. Milk only in the morning and nite.

    His sudden change of sleep pattern is causing his parents to be very exhausted. Wonder if it is just a pasting phase and if yes, how long will this last??

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    Re: Sleeping pattern always changed??

    My son is going through the exact same thing! He is 9.5 months now, it started a few weeks ago. He would have his last breastfeed at around 7:45 and sleep from around 8-8:30pm and wake around 5-6 am, has milk then sleep till 9-9:30am. Now he goes to sleep at the same time but wakes at at any hour during the night...sometimes every 3 to 4 hours. Then if he is awake at 7 he doesn't want to go back to sleep! And then some nights he will sleep through again.

    Apparently their sleep patterns change as they grow. This article may help:
    Why is my baby waking in the night?

    I breastfeed him whenever he wakes up as it's the best way for us to settle him, then put him down and he goes back to sleep. I can't wait till this is over then I can get a good night's sleep again!

    Hopefully your baby will get back his normal sleep routine or you'll be able to find something that works for you and baby.

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    Re: Sleeping pattern always changed??

    My baby girl (now 7+mths old) has only slept for 6-7hrs straight when she was 3-4mths old. She has always been a terrible sleeper, hence my eyebags are becoming from bad to worse! We used to have to carry her for hours til she slept! Then when she hit 3+mths old, suddenly she was sleeping 6-7hrs without waking up for feeds (I am stil fully breastfeeding). But then came 5 mths, and everything was haywire. We sleep train her at 5 mths old, so now she sleeps at 7pm, or rather, we put her to her cot at 7pm. On good nights, she wakes up 3 times (once btw 9-10pm, 2nd around 2am, 3rd btw 5-6am) for feeds & then falls back to sleep straight away, and sleeps 7pm to 7-8am. BUT on bad nights, i can be up every2-3hrly!

    Having a baby who doesnt sleep well has made me read & research alot on baby's sleep. The sleep pattern typically changes around 5-6mths old, and then 8-9mths old another one, & many more after that. It usually coincides with major developmental milestones progression. THat means to say, the more they learn, the less they wanna sleep, cos they wanna either play or practice their new skills.

    Cold hard facts aside, I'm learning to love all the night nursings & wakings. Sometimes I think my baby is growing up too fast! I want her to want me for a longer time... before she starts growing up & not wanting Mama / Papa already.


    Good luck with your babies!

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    Re: Sleeping pattern always changed??

    My baby can sleep through the night (11pm to 6am) since 3months old.
    He fell asleep more easily during day time too.
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