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Sooooo.... tired

This is a discussion on Sooooo.... tired within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Today is a 5th day, hubby and I take care our baby. Is like the title, we are soo.... tired..! ...

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    Imperial Concubine hueychye79's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
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    Red face Sooooo.... tired

    Today is a 5th day, hubby and I take care our baby.

    Is like the title, we are soo.... tired..!

    Tired because of my baby always crying...

    While sucking the pacifier, cry when the pacifier drop!

    Always cannot sleep deep, only sleep 20mins before next feeding.

    Try to let him sleep on tummy, sometimes it works!

    Today, while he is crying I also cry.

    Notice I have some depression sympton because my tears will suddenly drop when I hug my baby.

    Sometimes I think I am worry too much.

    Worry if let baby sleep in sarong, in future baby dont't want to sleep on the baby cot.

    Worry after feeding if I hug until he sleep than put back in the cot, later he cannot sleep without I hug him.

    Am I think to much?

    I still pump out the breastmilk after I feed the baby, if baby didn't sleep and keep crying I have no time to pump out. Make me so stress....

    Am I need to give in to make my life more easy? Or bear in few weeks to make my future life more easy?

    Really dont't know...

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    Pure Consort apollo's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
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    Re: Sooooo.... tired

    my dear, the 1st 3 mths of motherhood is never easy...

    the paci keep drop cos baby still dont know hw to suck well. what we did was, use a finger to press on the paci until dear son was soundly aslp...

    as for sarong, if you wanna intro to him, let him sleep in sarong only in e daytime... just lik paci, many ppl scare will be diffi to wean off but dear son only want paci when he wanna sleep... as long as you dont let your baby sleep whole day n night in sarong, is okay... =)

    JIAYOU!!! you can do it!!!

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    Imperial Concubine meiteoh's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
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    Re: Sooooo.... tired

    Babes, I feel your pain, really...coz I went through the same thing. People always say that motherhood is the best thing but honestly, I didn't feel it at all in the first month and I'm not ashamed to admit that.

    I had no confinement lady - just my parents who gave me more headache than help - and hubs and I were moving from Switzerland to France and then France to Singapore, so our baby had to go through a lot of readjustment (cold weather to hot weather to humid weather, etc). It was so tough.

    I was crying often, being angry, and not to mention tired...there were times when I asked myself, what the hell am I doing with my life now. But I talked to a few people, my hubby and then things got better and I'm definitely enjoying being a mum, especially an stay at home mum now.

    First of all, dont't give into your stress as your baby can sense your stress and it freaks him out as well. Try to look at his crying on a more positive note - I noticed that a lot of Asians think that babies crying is a bad thing, that it's embarrassing and etc. But really, that's what babies do best coz crying is their way of telling you that they want something but isn't getting it. So dont't think you're a bad mum because your baby cries a lot. Sometimes he just wants to cry because he feels like it - if you're gone through the checklist (diaper, environment is comfy, temperature is ok, no colic/burped already, hungry or not, etc), then perhaps it's just one of those days where your dahling just wants to throw a tantrum. Eva had a few days like that when she would just wail for 30 minutes even though I fed her already, changed her diaper and so forth. Just be there for him.

    When Eva was young, I used to carry her until she would sleep and then once she's in deep sleep or nearing there, I'd put her in the crib. She doesn't need me to carry her to sleep now as she can self-soothe. I feel that because hubs and I listen to her needs, she has become more secure and independent. So seriously, carry and hold your baby. Because if your baby is anything like some out there, after a while, when he's more independent, he won't want to be held...

    And talk about your feelings to your hubby. dont't bottle it up like me coz after a while, you may learn to resent your new life. Talk it out, with people here or with your partner - you can PM or MSN me if you like coz I'm always online, especially in the afternoons (perks of being a stay at home mum).

    Blogging [at] thescarfer.net

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    Worthy Lady
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    Aug 2009
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    Re: Sooooo.... tired

    hueychye mummy..
    dont stress out...

    me too.. my baby dont sleep much in the day.. he NAPS..LOL..
    he sleep little makes me worried too.. but i am thinking as long he dont cry ok..

    i intro him sarong..cos my mother in law say baby will sleep longer...but sleep in the night...but he dont seems to really really like it maybe because he cant stretch much inside
    dont worry too much.. maybe you see your baby reaction, sekali he like it? hehehe

    i try not to intro pacifier..but mother in law quite like to give him.. but like some mummy suggest it's sometime a great help..so i give him occasionally only...

    ya..baby cry sure got a reason.. diapers,stomach,hunger,want hughug,etc..

    dont stress ok..relax abit.. maybe ask your hubby help you while maybe you go for a massage..relief some pain or what... at least your hubby can help..
    my hubby cant help.. he sleeps more deeply than anyone else...LOL

    be strong... oh yea.. i also can chit chat with you..if you want..LOL...
    cheer up.. hugz

    oh ya.. dont cry ok.. cos you wanna give the best you can to him.. no cry mummy..hughug

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    Aug 2007
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    Re: Sooooo.... tired

    Hang in there, it'll pass. Jia you!

    I can totally understand how you feel cos I went thru the same with my gal 6 years ago. In my case, I was too reliant on the confinement lady and when she let, I panicked. Called dear husband and ordered him to come home, called mom for help, etc. The baby didn't like the way I carried her & petted her.

    When I had my son last yr, I didn't almost everything myself except for bathing baby during confinement. This time round, we didn't have adjustment problems when CL left.

    Btw, both my kids didn't take to pacifier.

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