he is drinking dumex mamil gold step 2 follow on formula and have rashes near his mouth area and poo loose stool 4-5 time

I bring him to see doctor, it say cause by milk rash, will subside few days without giving me any cream and poo is normal for baby 8 month go poo 4-5 times. it has been couple of weeks the patch of rashes near his mouth still there, dry and rough.

I bring him see doctor again, doctor recommend me to switch his formula to Nan ha 2 and see how it goes.

I go nutc to buy a Nan ha 2 for my son. he reject the milk due to the taste, I do a slowly switch until 5 days he slowly adapt. he now on fully Nan ha 2 he drink only 90ml every 3-4 hours. but, whenever he finish his milk he will poo 1 day at least 6-8 loose poos

I bring him see doctor again, the doctor ask me reduce to half strength until his poo go back to normal. friday and Saturday reduce to half strength until he poo 1-2 loose poos, on sunday I go back to full strength again he poo 6 loose poos again.

no choice I bring son go see doctor again on Monday, told the doctor when giving him half strength poo 1-2 times, full strength many times again? I ask him about his rashes again which has not recover the doctor say if the milk he drink cause poos so many times, I can consider changing his formula to soy based until he reach 1 yrs old. doctor say son like to have pacifier might be the cause of the rashes near his mouth

I bring him see doctor so many times and they tell me the cause of the rashes and blame my son pacifier, how should I know if my son rashes cause by milk/heat rash, eczema or milk allergy?

I call dumex to request mamil gold soy, 1 of the staff ask me switch my son to their mamex ha which they just launch and has immunfortis which is better than other ha formula? after son recover then slowly go back to cow's milk again.

I am really confuse should I switch son to soy based formula or continue with Nan ha?

I have switch from similac to dumex mamil gold step 2 and from mamil gold step 2 to Nan ha 2.

I let son try similac cause phlegm so I switch to mamil.