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yes, babies love adults' voice and fingers!!! My boy loves inspecting his own tiny fingers and our long fingers and big palms. The latter must seem so LARGE to him....the things that fascinate a little babe. Sometimes it's the simplest things that delights them. It really takes very little to make a baby happy, I feel, compared to adults.

my boy have been turning to his side so much the past weeks that last nite, he nearly flipped to his chest. but his hand at the bottom was in the way and he didn't know how to move it away. kena stuck! it got him so frustrated that he yelped and yelped....my dear husband and I watched in glee, then video-ed him until he yelped so loudly that we put down the videocam and went to help him turn him on his back again. LOL

haha, hi 5!

I also video down dear son flipping on his tummy though its not a complete flip! Cos his right hand being stuck and he will struggle to flip back but couldnt. When he tried some time, and no one attended to him. He will yell for help loh. This is when I stop video and attend to him.