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Worried Mummy

This is a discussion on Worried Mummy within the Newborn Baby and Infant Care (up to 12 months old) forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi all, Need some advice here. My baby boy is now 18weeks(4months plus). He has been rejecting milk ever since ...

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    Worried Mummy

    Hi all,
    Need some advice here. My baby boy is now 18weeks(4months plus). He has been rejecting milk ever since he was about 3 months old.
    He will cry badly and used his hands to push the milk bottle away whenever we put the milk teat in, but the moment we take it out, he will smile and play again.
    I used to feed him 150ml every 3 -4 hours. In the past, whenever we feed him when the time is up, he will gladly finish all his milk. But now, he doesn't even cry for milk.
    When we stretch up to 4 hours and sometimes 5 hours, he will struggle to finish his milk milk.
    He keep using his tongue to play with the teat and thus, alot of wastage. SometiMes he will also pretend to cough n choke so that we will take out the milk bott.
    I tried to change his teat. From Avent to NUK. It is the same. It seems like whenever he sees us approaching with his milk, he will frown n be unhappy.
    I voiced out my concern to my pediatrician, she said that he's gaining weight and playing, so shouldn't be an issue. But i'm still damn worried! HIs birth weight was 2.7kg only and now about 6.5kg..
    It's a struggle to feed him. In 24 hours, he only have about 4-5 force feeding about 180mls now.
    Whenever he doesn't want his milk, i feel very frustrated as well. Some of my friends suggest to miss 1 feed so that he will feel hungry and will feed the next time i give him milk, but i dont't feel comfortable with this idea.
    Mummies out there, anyone experience this issue before? And how do you all solve it?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Worried Mummy

    It does sound worrying when baby doesn't like to feed as before.
    I do agree with paed that most importantly, baby is gaining weight and is happy.
    Perhaps he's very efficient at using whatever milk he drinks to grow?

    Personally, I suggest avoiding force-feeding. This could create a negative emotion to feeding time and make things worse. I like to let baby associate feeding with happiness. I trust that when he's hungry, he'd ask for food and drink / eat fast. So far, it has been working.

    During force-feeding, baby may swallow air and then throw up everything. No benefit to anyone.

    Try alternative ways of feeding: use syringe, spoon or small cup. Maybe baby will be interested in the change? (Many mums have babies who rejected the bottle at some stage.)

    Also, learn to relax. If you're frustrated, baby may be tense and less co-operative. (I learnt this the hard way with a fussy baby.) When you try and baby doesn't want to drink, let it go. Then try again 1/2-1 hour later.

    Prepare small amount (about 2oz) when you try to feed. Then you'll have no stress that he has a lot to finish. And no stress of wastage. If he's happy to drink more, it's easy to prepare another 1-2oz.

    As mums, we just got to keep trying and trying. All the best!
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