A little background about myself - I'm a first time mummy working normal 9-6 job in CBD area. is 9mo, currently taken care by mother in law and helper during the daytime. It takes me around 50 mins to travel to work by public transport everyday so I usually leave the house before 8 and reach home slightly after 7. mother in law is not local and she has agreed to help out until is 18mo when he's ready to be placed to cc next year, after which she will return to her hometown and visit us only time to time. My own mom is not in her best health and hence could not help out. Current helper is doing an ok job, mainly taking care of household chores during the day.

I have two options:
1) Continue hiring the helper after mother in law has gone back and place my to a cc nearer to my house (around 2 bus stops away) which translates to leaving maid alone in the house around 12 hours a day. She will also be required to pick up my after his full day cc - of which, this idea of helper bringing my 18mo-to be son alone around the neighborhood scares me.
2) Stop hiring the helper and place my to a cc near my workplace (literally downstairs my office). But then this will mean travelling with me to and fro work daily in public transport and I'm not sure whether he may be able to take it? His dinner will also be pushed back later.

The reason I'm asking is because..after doing my calculation, the cost of both are the same. If possible I'd like to do without a helper but I wonder if there's any mummy here who's been there and done that? How did you cope?