I went to check on shichida kindergarten at Tanjong Pagar & I promise myself i will never send my girl to this school even though it's walking distance from my home.

The principle didn't even bother to introduce herself when she came to 'greet me' (asking why am i doing overthere) I only get to know that she is the principle from the cleaner.

Her expression, tone of voice + attitude worsen when she get to know that my girl is not with shichida method. She says, errgh... your girl is not with shichida method then she will be slower. (with facial expression of telling me my girl will slowdown the learning process of entire class ) She emphasis that at least 3 times while she is showing me around.

When i question her what make her so sure that a non shichida method student will be slower? She can't even answer me.

I told her i believe that this method is not for everyone. there are children who are still very smart even when they are not with shichida method. I thanks her and walk away.

If a principle can give this kind of attitude to the parent, can you imagine how she will treat the children???