We are in the process to moving to Singapore from Shanghai. We will probably move in this August next year. My biggest concern now is choosing the kindergarten for my almost 3 year old.
He is currently enrolled full-day ( 5 days a week) at Yew Chung International School in K2.
Yew Chung International School has a strong bilingual program and he understands and speaks Chinese and English so I would like him to continue attending a bilingual school if it is possible. My son is very lively and he really likes to go to school.
It will be great if you could help me narrow down the long list of possibilities...I am planning to come to take a look at school and decide in which area to live after CNY.

As we are not either chinese or mother tongue English , it is quite important for us to find a good bilingual school. If we could find this requirements in a Montessori school it will be a big plus for us.
Thanks in advanced for your suggestions!