Hi Mummies out there!!
I need help.. my girl is born in sept 2009, she had been take care ofby my aunt since born.. thus now i thought of putting her in a child care but I am not sure if this is a good idea.. there are a few factors which I am considerin

1) How to break the news to my aunt as my girl is very attached to her and my aunt had been taking good care of her

2) the down side of havng my aunt to take care of her is that my aunt cant reead english thus not able to teach her english. thus thinking of Child care though my girl is now attending a playgroupfor 3 hours and speech and drama class

3) Moving onto 4 years, should I put her in a child care and and stop the enrichment class or put her in PAP nursery and conitnue with the enrichment?

Please advise

Mummy Grace