I am currently trying for my second baby. Unfortunately, being a first-time mother, I did not know any better & I thought it was okay to let my baby stay in her baby cot while my husband & I were ML in the same room. After a few months of watching, she learnt how to imitate daddy's action & I am now darn worried. We stopped doing it in the same room as her after she turned 13 months or so. And I will scold her whenever I caught her doing that action. However, she still does it (when she is in her rocker or baby cot) & even makes a kind of noise while putting objects to the area slightly below her navel button. She is now 17 months old. I do not want her to carry the action through to 2-3 years & beyond. Worse, I do not want her to do it in front of others because it will be so darn embarrassing.

What should I do???