Neuro Code Research Pte Ltd wasestablished by a team of founders with international experience andstrong R&D background. Neuro Code Research combines successfulresearch results from US and Japan to develop simple yet effectivetraining programs to enhance the brain power of children and adultsresulting in higher Intelligence Quotients and Emotional Intelligence(EQ).

ESP Enhancement Training Program –Basic Level
Extra Sensory Perception or ESP, alsocalled the sixth sense, includes reception of information not gainedthrough the recognised physical senses but sensed with the mind suchas Telepathy and Clairvoyance. ESP ability is equivalent to the fivesenses of right brain.

The 2 day training program develops theright brain and balance the usage of right and left brain. Theprogram improves participants’ memory, focus ability, innovation, self confidence and maneuverability. This results in improvement of participants’ Intelligent Quotients and EmotionalIntelligence (EQ). Depending on the individual’s learning ability and brain development
stages, most of our participants are able to achieve at least one of the
following extra sensory perception abilities:
 Identify Colours
 Identify Numbers and Pictures
 Colour Classification and NumberSequencing

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