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Falling sick

This is a discussion on Falling sick within the Toddlers and Preschoolers (1-5 years old) forum, part of the Singapore Kiasu Parents Forum category; Do you bring your toddler to doc n let him/her take meds whenever they r having running nose or cough? ...

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    Worthy Consort LoVeS's Avatar
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    Falling sick

    Do you bring your toddler to doc n let him/her take meds whenever they r having running nose or cough?

    My dear son been having running nose on n off alternative month so end up been always taking meds which i tink it not really good for him. So i been wondering should i just leave it n let the running nose recover by itself or is it a must to bring to see doc n take meds.

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    Consort-in-Ordinary Phoebii Cheng's Avatar
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    Re: Falling sick

    Yes, normally I will bring my son to the pediatrician cos' I m the worrying kind.....now much better , I waited about 4 to 5 days to try let him recover 1st if really cannot then bring him to see the doc, cos' poor thing when they have cold or cough, cannot really breath properly and prolonged cough is also no good for lungs........

    I have a colleague who suggests tht if your child has runny nose, you can try sucking out the phlegm with your mouth they will recover faster tht way......but I did not try it , cos it's a bit gross

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    Re: Falling sick

    i let my boy recover on his own and monitor.
    if after 5 days it's getting worse (mucus colour changing darker or cough more), then i'll bring him see doc.

    sometimes bring him see doc, doc will tell me it's mild, let him fight it off himself to build up immune system. even if need to give med, they onli give med to help with the symptoms, they dont give meds to fight off the infection (antibiotics).

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    Moderator CanCanMum's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
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    Re: Falling sick

    my boy sees a GP not a pediatrician...

    my basis of 'examination' is got fever, see doc

    no fever, let him fight the running nose himself.....

    but if its accompanied with stuck nose / difficulty to sleep then have to ease the symptoms with medicine....

    same applies to cough....

    but sometimes i have to see the doc 2 times to get the right medicine

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