My name is Casie, I'm an american gymnastics coach here in Singapore. I'm a PR married to a Singaporean and I specialize in mommy and me, early coordination and movement development and pre-school classes. I have a few activities for moms and dads to try out with their little cuties in exchange for feedback.

I want to update my lesson plans and see which ones work well. I've been doing some with my 8 month old baby some are really fun and some she really doesn't care for too much. I would love to know if these activities are engaging to other children or if she's just as picky as me.

Its better for me to test things on my little one, before they are a huge flop with 12 babies in a class and with your help I can create the most successful program I can.

This first google doc has 7 activities, I would like to share more if people like them.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy playing with your little ones!