Have anyone experience the school bus company you engaged for your kids are irresponsible and is not following rules and regulations?

Well, recently, I engaged this school bus service company called Apple Green Bus Service. Before engaging them, I enquired about their fees, how many kids taking the bus and time of pick-up from school (only one way). Why I said this bus company is not "proper" is because during my casual conversation with my daughter, she told me there are other adults in the van. I was really surprised coz in my mind only school children sits in there. I probed further and she innocently said there were a few aunties (besides the driver and the driver's helper who are female) and 2 uncles. One of the aunties even wore high heels. Upon hearing this, I called the staff (female) and question her. At first, I asked her if the driver picks up other people or children from different school. Without hesitating she said no. THen i revealed what my daughter saw and had told me, then only this staff said they are her boss's other staffs! I was like..... what and who are these people sitting in the same school van as my daughter and other children? THen i asked her how come there are other adults besides the driver and the helper in the van. And she said her boss's staffs sometimes get a ride home. in chinese she said "o-er huay chiang ". I was angry and said the school van are meant only for school children and not for adults? I told her I dont't know who these people are and what if anything unpleasant happens? She tried to assured me that it only happens sometimes and i said will be happening again in future? Then she said, all this while already doing this! then i said how come she didn't tell me about this when i made enquiries? She can't answer that. Are school buses or vans meant for school children allow other adults to share the same vehicle? Then, i immediately stopped my gal from taking the van and went searching for another. Then my gal's school principal gave me a contact that provide transport sevice for their other branches. Then I called to make enquiry. I asked the driver, named Lulu, if she could pick my daughter from her childcare centre. Then she asked me back why i didn't want o continue the previous and I told her my unpleasant finding. And....she has the damn cheek to say "it's ok what(as in like ok to have other adults in the school van). Your daughter only takes a one-way trip so won't have any problem. And if we have other adults in the van, the driver and helper will be responsible if anything were to happen". I blew upon hearing what she said. I asked her angrily, "what if your own child were to take school van and have other adults you dont't know sharing with our kid and other parents' kids? Ni huay fang xin ?" And, i also told her off, "If the boss of the school bus/van company or driver or helper are responsible people, they shouldn't even ferry other adults in school vans in the 1st place!!!! By allowing them to do so are they responsible in the 1st place????!!!!!" "What if things do happen, who's gonna bear the reponsibilties??" She was dumbfounded and couldn't answer back. And I just told her i'm not interested to engage her company's service and hung up.

Are any of your children's school van/bus ferry and share the same vehicle? Will you fang xin?

I really need a reliable and proper school transport service company to ferry my child from her childcare centre in woodlands. Can anyone help me? THks in advance!