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hmm, all indoor becos it is a shopping mall after all. the only mimick outdoor is .. they have an area of playgrd like a balcony.

the schedule is

before entering the class, you need to let the teachers check your kid for HFMD, etc

15 mins self play. they have lots of toys every week for kids to play and interact.

keep the toys - they will bring big boxes and ask the kids to put the toys away. they will sing a song for kids to fwl

15 mins - using a post box, they will call the name of ea kid. each kid has a name card and their photo. quite pc . then the kid will come up to the teacher and take the card. so they greet every kid, mummies, daddies.

then ask the kid to put back their name cards

10 mins - demonstrate handicraft. it can painting, pasting, coloring.

30mins - each kid will go to the table to do handicraft or art & craft with their mummies' help and teacher is there to encourage them.

go wash hand.

30mins - story telling and role play by teachers. they used a 'magic show' every week they learn one alpahbet and one chinese word. they usually use animal to describe. eg M means monkey? mummy? then let them touch the puppet of the animal

go wash hand

15 mins - Snack. they provided small pc of fruit, biscuits, raisins, hotdogs or cheese. apple juice or water. i usually dont take cos hotdogs for 1 YO ++ !$#!@

15 mins - sing and dance. all kids in d class love this. my girl is jumping, shaking, laughing all the way man!

15 mins - outdoor play. (eh, within the shopping mall ). they have toys, kitchen sets, little cars, plans. every week they have different theme like flour play, crayon play, water play, paint play in one corner for advantageous kids to have fun. my girl so far enjoy crayon, pain.

then sing bye bye.

every thing they say to the kids, they add a little song to it...

looks like very packed but i find it comfy. i personally dont like rushing thru.

every mum will see the pros and cons differently. i tink you come trial class .

next term, i try evans rd.... near botanic gardens to experience...


Thks so much for the detailed schedule. Seems like it's very interesting and really tempted to let my girl try it out. Will pop by one of these days to have a look. Thks ya!