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Prob with pet childcare - who do i go to?

This is a discussion on Prob with pet childcare - who do i go to? within the Toddlers and Preschoolers (1-5 years old) forum, part of the Singapore Kiasu Parents Forum category; Hi All, I am having some issues with a pte childcare. I just withdraw my kids from the childcare, but ...

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    Prob with pet childcare - who do i go to?

    Hi All,

    I am having some issues with a pte childcare. I just withdraw my kids from the childcare, but there are things that they still owe me. The supervisor wrote a letter of agreement to get hold of the things for me else will pay me back. I wonder if in the end they refuse to pay, what can I do?

    Also, they are suppose to give me my kids' progress report file since I am no longer with them, right? Coz when I requested for it the supervisor say it's kept by another teacher who has already left. She asked me to write in and ask for it. However, I have a feeling, even if I write in, they will ignore my letter, coz this is their pattern. I am just wondering in this case, can I cc my letter to someone who might have some power over the pte childcare in order to get the childcare to do something about it? (The owner of the childcare also CMI to the max, never get to see or talk to her one... always not around, ask her she only say I will check n get back in the end nth one...)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Prob with pet childcare - who do i go to?

    Is this pte cc part of a chain? If yes, then write to the top of the chain, usually the mgmt and hopefully it works.

    If not, there's a very real possibility that you might not get back your stuff if they choose to ignore you. You can write to them and give them a deadline to reply, or constantly call them to ask for a timeline you can expect your files. Not too sure if saying you will write to MCYS helps if you still dont't get a reply.

    But so weird, why do they allow a tr who left to keep the kids' progress files? This kind of things shld be kept in sch at all time rite?

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    Re: Prob with pet childcare - who do i go to?

    i think perhaps like camom mentioned, give them a deadline, dont let them brush you off by saying they will reply you n wait in vain.
    call them or go down personally to inform them, make sure you hold on to a firm voice n solemn look.
    if by then they still have no response, i think you might wanna call up mcys n check with them is there any way to deal with this.

    anyway, i also think progress files shld be kept in the sch. n even IF the teacher takes them back, she shld return since she isnt working with them anymore..
    those considered "confidential" right??
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