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Teaching children to read

This is a discussion on Teaching children to read within the Toddlers and Preschoolers (1-5 years old) forum, part of the Singapore Kiasu Parents Forum category; I have share this with some other parents in another forum as we were discussing about helping out children to ...

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    Teaching children to read

    I have share this with some other parents in another forum as we were discussing about helping out children to experience success in their learning ladder and reading is one important area. And with the big hoo-ha over the recent PSLE papers, it is important for parents to ensure that their children can read and read wide variety of books.

    So here, just some suggestions on getting children to read, and I will take pictures of what I have been doing with my 4 year old when I have the time.

    1) good methods
    2) Using my baby can read DVD
    and many other methods of flashing cards as well.

    Well, besides the above methods, parents should also practice the following

    1) talking and listening to the children during share books or even watching TV programme together,
    2) Fantasy play like using puppets, dressing up, pretend play, etc
    3) Descriptive games like Feely box, Pictures descriptions and using connections, also can do I Spy games when outdoor
    4)Rhyme and Rhythm - games using rhyme and rhythm, odd one out, rhyming clues, etc
    5) Other games like bingo, puzzles, choose your words to fill in sentences in a story, scrambled words for fun making sentences, making word chains.

    For children to experiment and experience success in reading, it is important to teach them to recognise sightwords and also breaking up words to help them to pronounce during reading. Once they are able to do that, they are on their roads to more books. Retell story by the children is also a good way to encourage them to read more. Comprehension and looking for clues in passages will come naturally once they are able to master reading.

    Children can also choose to draw pictures regarding their reading and keep a scrapbook of their drawing and rewrite their story or change their story inside their own scrapbook.

    Parents can also help along the link to make their own books by binding them up together.

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