• The Young Learners Program is closely modelled after the Singapore Mathematics System, which has been one of the most successful national programs in the world. We have infused a unique approach in our curriculum to supplement the existing school programs. We ensure that our curriculum is in line with the Singapore’s education scheme through the use of materials from TOP Primary School.

  • Curriculum at Learners focuses on the brain development in order to create an academic impact in our learners’ transformational education journey. Through our Learners Program, we utilise a different technique in order to help our learners excel in their studies, particularly in the subject of Mathematics. We demonstrate to them the techniques to better understand mathematical concepts so that they will be able to grasp the theories easily. We also bring to attention the importance of Brain Development, which includes Conceptual Learning and Visual Techniques. It is undoubtedly important for our learners to learn techniques and eliminate the use of ‘memorising’ as memorisation is an inefficient way to learn. We help our learners to develop conceptual learning through understanding and thereafter apply the acquired knowledge in their academic pursuits. In short, the entire learning process can be summarised as follows:Understand Concepts – Store and Recall Information – Apply Knowledge.Click image for larger version. 

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