Hi, name's Shawn.

I'm currently in Meridian Junior college. Was from Geylang Methodist Primary School and Victoria School for primary and secondary education respectively.

I'll get right to the point.

In Junior college, we have to do a H1 subject (it is not really considered a "subject" though haha) called "Project Work" and you might have guess it, it is something relating to projects.

I request for your humble assistance in this project of mine by helping me fill out a quick survey of how you feel about the abolishment of examinations.

Here is the link
Necessity of examinations and new structure of education Survey

Quick overview of survey:
This survey mainly concerns parents with children in Primary levels 1 and 2 as stated by MOE, by the year 2013, examinations for Primary 1 and 2 will be abolished. Some of you might rejoice that there won't be examinations to stress out your child. However this move may also has its downfalls. Using Wales as a prime example (Back story: Wales have already abolished examinations for lower primary levels, but the results they receive are less than desirable. To be direct, educational standards dropped after exams abolishment), will the same effect be observed in Singapore after the removal of P1&2 examinations? I hope not.

But what do you parents think? Opinions may vary but it is this different opinions that drive our project forward. Therefore I thank you for your responses.

Thank you VERY much!