I'm very disappointed in LANGUAGE PUBLICATION online home delivery. This is my first time to purchase the books online, so I try & sound more convenient for us also. There will be an extra of $8.90 will be added to all home delivery order. For what I think is still fine & reasonable. So I ordered. But yet what happen. There is some shortage of books & items so I called back immediately to verify. A guy answered my call & I told him the shortage. He apologized to me & said that there's not enough manpower to deliver the shortage and requested me to collect the shortage items from the bookshop once the school start. I accepted and I can understand the situation so I decided to collect from the bookshop. I highlighted the list which is shortage and even write the reason & pass it to my child to collect it from the bookshop and I even told my child that mummy already paid and just tell the bookshop staff. I trust my child & of cos the bookshop staffs. GUESS what HAPPEN, when my child went to collect the items, the auntie collected $6 from her and even told her there's not enough $$ to buy the items WHICH SURPRISE ME. The list which Iíve given to my child already stated COD so why is she still collecting the money from her. My child even call & told me that $$ is not enough to buy. I very surprised and questioned my child what happen & even asked her many times is it true. She said YES. So the next day I decided to fetch my child to school to check. I even asked my child which auntie she talked to yesterday so I went to talk to the bookshop auntie & tell her what happen yesterday. This even makes me MORE SURPRISED & very ANGRY. When I told her what happen, she dontít dare to look at me and keep looking at my child & even questioned my child. I dontít mind & let her questioned. She asked a lot of question until my child seems to get lost and which make me feel that we are cheating her for the $$ & the items. What the hell man. I keel repeating until I feel uneasy & I told the auntie off that is impossible for 7yrs old kid to cheat the $6 right? If the kid really want to cheat, my child might as well cheat MORE then $6 & it also impossible for us to cheat those items which cost only a few dollars. It is very RIDICULOUS right? I felt very very angry & tell her off just forget the $6 and give us the shortage items. The attitude of the bookshop auntie makes me feel unsecure & unfriendly. How can they open the shop in the primary school with such an attitude? In future how can I trust them & let my child to buy books or items from them. After this incident I swear that I will never buy online items from LANGUAGE PUBLICATION.
I'm very upset & worry for my new 2008.