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Originated from Australia, the ABC Reading Eggs programme has been developed by a highly experienced team of teachers, educational writers, animators and web developers. It focuses on a core reading curriculum of skills and strategies which are essential for sustained, reading success.
The ABC Reading Eggs lessons reinforce best practice research in how children learn to read. Each lesson focuses on the fundamentals of reading, stressing the skills that make a real difference in a child’s reading ability. These include phonemic awareness, letter sounds, high frequency sight words and reading connected text.
The lessons use animation, activities and reward games to keep children motivated. The programme is completely interactive to keep children on task. Children want to come back because they are having fun as they learn. When children start the programme, they can complete a placement quiz to ensure they are starting at the correct reading level.

Learn skills:
Children complete animated online lessons where they learn essential reading skills. The variety of fun activities within each lesson provides the repetition needed for these skills to become part of the child’s long term memory.
Read books: Children gain confidence by reading books online that only contain words they have already studied in the program.
Earn rewards: Children earn `golden eggs’ as rewards for work completed. They can use these `eggs’ to buy reward games.
Quiz: After 10 lessons, children complete a Mastery Quiz. This provides you with a report of what your child is learning.
At Giving Tre3, we provide the conducive learning environment and resources to help your child pick up reading, and most importantly develop the interest and joy in reading.
Class is held once a week; 1 ˝ hour per session, 10 sessions in a Term.


Young children who can listen, pay attention, and remember directions and control their behaviour will benefit more from preschool and be better prepared for Primary School.
Besides introducing an important foundation in English Language and Mathematics, our Primary School Preparatory Programme (PSPP) incorporates Social Emotional Learning (SEL) that teaches self-regulation and executive-function skills that help children manage their feelings, make friends and solve problems. Such soft skills will put them in good stead in Primary School and beyond.
Here are a few reasons why teaching social-emotional learning is so important to our children:

  • Students who participate in SEL programs have grade point averages that are 11 percent higher than their peers (Zins, Weissberg, Wang, & Walberg, 2004).
  • Students who participate in SEL programs score higher on standardized tests (Payton et al., 2008).
  • Students who participate in SEL programs are less likely to engage in high-risk behaviours that interfere with learning, such as violence and drug and alcohol use (Hawkins et al., 1997)
  • Schools that teach SEL have fewer suspensions and expulsions and better student attendance (Dymnicki, 2007).

The colourful photo-lesson cards, accompanied by songs and videos, make each session vibrant and lively, while Brain Builder games implicitly teach executive function skills.

At Giving Tre3, we dont’t just prepare your child for Primary School, but also prepare them for life.

Class is held once a week; 2 hours per session, 10 sessions in a Term .

PRESCHOOL PROGRAMME (2 to 4 years old)
The best way to lay a strong foundation for children in their early years is to give them what they need as children. We need to recognise that children are whole people who have feelings, ideas and relationships with others, and who need to be physically, mentally, morally and spiritually healthy. Children learn best when they are given appropriate responsibility, allowed to make errors, decisions and choices, and respected as autonomous learners.

Learning Environment

At Giving Tre3, we provide a cosy and homely environment for young children aged 2 to 4 years to learn and interact in. We believe children learn most effectively when they feel at home in a new environment, and this would help them cope with the transition between home and school. Here, they learn to build relationships with their peers and their teacher.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are well-trained and qualified, with experience working in the early childhood industry. Most importantly, they share a great passion for their job and love working with children!

Learning through Purposeful Play

Young children learn in an integrated way and not in neat, tidy compartments. Hence, subjects such as mathematics and language cannot be separated. That is why we promote children’s learning through purposeful play.
The importance of self-initiated play, particularly for young children means that we give them the time and the open ended toys, like blocks, clay, and other manipulative that will give children the opportunity to create their own learning experiences.
We mistakenly project our grown-up conception of play onto the play of children. Yet for children in general, and for young children in particular, self-initiated play is a basic mode of learning. Through such play, children create new learning experiences that they might not otherwise encounter.


At Giving Tre3, our teachers conduct well-planned and well-resourced play activities which allow for progression in a child’s thinking and understanding of the world around. We also provide a variety of stimulating learning resources, music CDs, books, table-top toys and manipulative to promote children’s holistic development.

Sand/ Water Play

We also offer opportunities to play safely outdoors as well as indoors. Water play and sand play offer rich learning opportunities for children. Children learn about the world through their senses and their first response to sand and water is a sensuous one. It is the pleasure which provides the motivation for their play. Through such play, children develop fine motor skills through manipulating tools, pouring, filling, stirring, etc., and develop hand/eye co-ordination e.g. pouring sand into containers, measuring water in a jug, and fire up their imagination by making sand shapes using moulds.

Dramatic Play

Our Dramatic Play Corner gives children the opportunity to express themselves and explore language freely. Language development runs through all dramatic play activities. Talking and listening skills developed through dramatic play form the narratives which are the basis of reading and writing.

Chinese Language immersion

As part of the interaction, children on playgroup programme will also learn Chinese language through songs, music & movement, word recognition, sentence construction, reading and games, with emphasis also placed on verbal skills. They will also learn to appreciate Chinese culture and traditions through certain immersion activities.
Each child will be assessed individually and learning will be paced accordingly.
Quality education is about three things: the child, the context in which learning takes place, and the knowledge and understanding which the child develops and learns.
That’s what Giving Tre3 aims to achieve. And that’s where Joyful Learning is a Gift!
Our preschool programme is held daily from Monday to Friday; 3 hours per day.