Hello Everyone

I got a question

I am living at amk currently but moving to sembawang in 3 years time

By that time, my girl will need to register for primary 1 already

I have a question here. I heard from my hubby's relative if want to enter a primary school, before the child reach 6 years old to enter primary 1 , when she is 3 years old, the parents must go to the primary school they are interested to enrol to do volunteer work for 3 years then that child can get a place in that school. If the child's parents never provide volunteer service, the child cannot get a place is it true ?

I only want my girl to enter a normal primary school not a branded primary school and my child is the only child in the family and me and my hubby have not study in any of the sembawang schools before . If this is the case, is it my child will not get a place at any of the sembawang primary school?

When i heard what my hubby's relative said , I am really worried. So what should I do now ?