This info is shared for parents who wish to know more details for one of the local top secondary schools and her talented students with English-Chinese bilingual education under Through-Train Programme.

The drama was performed in public for various audiences in theaters in the past two years (the only Gold with Honors in 2009). This is the first time in the historic building Siew May Auditorium in NGHS for public.

As a parent, I was touched by the love and professionalism in the drama in Victoria Theater last year. It is an excellent chance to know more about the future of our children in secondary school.

View image: drama publicity1.jpg [click link for drama poster]

Contact: 81269056 (Vivian) or 82336022 (Xin Yung)

View image: NYGH SG1.jpg [click link for drama theater - Siew May Auditorium]