Nowadays, Internet Marketing is so popular because of its big advantages. With Internet Marketing, firms not only save a lot of money, time ...but also do marketing really well all over the world. However, not all of marketers are successful in this field. There are six reasons why people fail in Internet Marketing

1. Lacking of research.
People usually look at the result of successful marketers and also want to create their plan to marketing for their products or services. That idea will be stuck in their head and they decide to roll it without any research. Looking at the same result which everyone gets in the past can be the good reason for their failure.” Things changes”. In marketing field, people must update the newest information up to minutes. The good way to decide whether you should start your marketing plan or not is doing a research.

2. No business plan.
Following the specific plan can help marketers avoid failure. It is no matter you are going to do a small online business or open a big company, your goal will not get lost and you can see your problems and fix it immediately with a clearly plan.

3. Already been done.
It is obvious that most of marketers end up trying to market the products or services that already been done before by other people. There are too much competitors on the market. No one can avoid it. So instead of stopping marketing, you should develop and create the unique things for your products or services. In another case, people just set up the websites or marketing plans, then they do no thing more. In fact, marketers must work really hard to get good result.

4. No demand.
People marketing for the products or services which are not in demand. It is clearly that their marketing can not be successful even their good strategies. It is similar to choosing the wrong product or service to marketing.

5. Being a copy cat
Doing marketing an already product or service is different from being a copy cat. Marketers will get no value when just copying another marketing plan and do it in the same way .

6. To much to handle.
It means marketers should do step by step. When they do many things at the same time, they can not handle all of them. So they will see that they do many things but they just get no thing.

Through six reasons above, readers should consider clearly where is your prolem and find the best way to correct it! Good luck!...