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Attachment Parenting

This is a discussion on Attachment Parenting within the General Parenting Discussion forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; My son cries but I dry crying with no tears.. He cries loudly when his dad's home n he will ...

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    Re: Attachment Parenting

    My son cries but I dry crying with no tears.. He cries loudly when his dad's home n he will go over to cry bitterly.. Whn dad's home time out doesn't work anymore.. Haha! Anyway Ian too walks over n lie on the bed n start calling or me to go over n feed him milk. I'm his walking bottle.. He has a bad habit when he's drinking from the left breast he plays with the other breast.. Haha!

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    Re: Attachment Parenting

    lol think most breastfed kids are the same. ive heard alot of such stories (drinking from one side n playing with the other). my girl also similar. she will stuck her hand into the other breast. wont play but just put there.. sometimes will try to reach for the nipple but i always pull out her hands hehe. nowadays she prefer playing with my hair during milk time..

    jojoki. i cant imagine living in houses whereby the sound proof is not solid enough... cos i seriously think i need the sound proof to sleep train my girl. if not i will also go crazy. anyway they are not the one waking up midnight to feed her ..lack of sleep still need to consider bout neighbours can die.. now i only need to consider bout hubby i already super 'buay song' n hope to move my girl out of our rm asap so i can wean her off her early morning feed...

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    Re: Attachment Parenting

    Quote Originally Posted by jojoki View Post
    btw mievee, you said fresh milk? as in fresh milk off the shelves (liquid) which brand r you giving? i started giving her fresh milk (she doesnt takes formula at all) pura brand. She will drink but I noticed some rashes on her body. I am not sure if its caused by the milk but I'm stopping first to monitor.

    Issit ok to give a 15 month old fresh milk?
    We considered many types of milk and my notes are at Which Milk is Better? (Part 1)

    Organic full cream milk is very expensive (S$10 per litre, S$150-S$200 per month), so he is on a mix of organic homemade Easiyo yoghurt and Farmhouse Full Cream milk.

    I realised that Farmhouse milk in Singapore is packed in S'pore; those in Malaysia are from Australia.

    Currently trying Pura 2-litre bottles, also from Australia.

    The problem with fresh milk is it is inconvenient during travels. When we went to Ipoh for a trip, I let him try formula beforehand. He accepted it, so he drank formula during the trip. But he would reject it sometimes, not sure if it is due to taste or temperature. (Breastfed baby may like milk at room temp or cold?)
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