Dear fellow parents,

Please be aware if any agent recommend this nanny at punggol field walk blk 128A #16-*** by the surname starting with P.

I just terminate my service with her after a mere few months. She is very scheming, calculative and lazy.

After the first month, everyday when we fetch our child, she will nag at us and scold the baby in front of us, saying the baby dont want sleep and cause her no time to watch tv ( isn't her job to look after baby?)

She also insist that the baby must be collected by 6pm, even though we left the baby at 8am and the agreement was for 12 hours care.

What's more, the baby was found with bruises, pinch marks, rashes and was not cleaned or bath properly everyday. Baby also wake up in fright every night crying.

We asked her to apply cream on the rashes, she objected saying she dont do such stuff.

Final straw was that when we ask her about the rashes, she shouted at us and say she dont know anything and then keep scolding us saying we are lousy parents and that she is doing a favor for us ( though she charged 750 per month ).

For parents living in punggol, please be warned and dont be silly like us to be duped by unscrupulous middleman, who insisted we take her immediately.

Right now, her agent is helping her look for the next target cos dont forget, agent will earn your commission and that to terminate, you have to give 1 month notice which we pay off in lieu of notice ( which parent dare to let their child stay over for another month when the nanny already shouted and scolded and become so aggressive?).

Her husband is a taxi driver and they have 2 kids in tertiary education at the moment.