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  • 1 Post By linuspine

balance work life start from you...

This is a discussion on balance work life start from you... within the General Parenting Discussion forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; This evening around 7pm and it consider drizzling in west side of Singapore. While sheltering my wife and both child ...

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    balance work life start from you...

    This evening around 7pm and it consider drizzling in west side of Singapore. While sheltering my wife and both child to the car i got to saw a lady holding a rushing to cross the shelter under my mother house block. I relised it actually my child's school (child care) teacher. To what I think in my mind is, actually the teacher also have family and they also rushing to pick their grow up child from student care. Majority of the child care is operate from 7am to 7pm. Let put ourself in their shoes, actuali they are also need to rush down to a care center to fetch their children.

    I was thinking, all parent shall try their best to pick their children from childcare as early as possible.

    I understand how Singapore parent facing now is money, work security and career advancement.

    Our government can't help much in work life balance with family. but after I look at the teacher that rushing i felt that we shall try our best to contribute or fair to the teacher in school.

    What I would like to share is, if you are boss or your husband or wife are boss or your sibling are boss or your parent are boss or your good friend are boss. PLEASE share with them, do allow their employee or themself go home on dot. First money cant earn finish, 2nd work cant do finish, the 3rd more you up to have those "WANTS" items the more you are a money slave.

    I think work life and family balance really come from everyone. not by government. let together educate those bosses together, believe me, if we spend more time with family, WE WILL NOT NEED THE 6.9 millions. every family contribute 2.0 birth will not die you off from a 4 room flat, a club membership, a 1.6cc car (korean or china) or maybe a maid and even twice holiday in a year.

    Conclusion, let educate the bosses together, single or stable bosses, dont just thk about yourself let gave a thought to other as well.. your money cant earn finish, in real fact, we cant bring the money to another world.

    Mayb you can share your view that object my view or you can start share or educate bosses...
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    Re: balance work life start from you...

    Thanks, daddy linuspine for your straightforward and heartwarming sharing.

    Charity, respect and love begins at home. If we educate our kids to be loving, considerate and respectful, we will have future generations of bosses who will value family time and cultivate good benevolent values at the workplace.

    My heart goes out to parents/grandparents who have to ferry their kids to/from school in this hot, humid and sometimes thunderstormy weather of Singapore esp. if they have to take public transport. With the kids on different arms, schoolbags, umbrellas, rain coats, etc. it is a difficult juggle. It will be good if anyone who has a car could give them a free ride home whenever you see such parents with kids in the rain.

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    Re: balance work life start from you...

    I do agree, but very sad is my childcare is located at another housing estate rather in mine estate. daily I need to travel at least 20 mins by own car, just imagine there is no car, how our life goes too.. and rem to those parent and grand parent, do not take singapore road safety granted. It will suprise you when you saw how parent let their children walk their own..

    One more thing...
    To those parent that child is boss or employer, or spouse is boss or employer or sibling or friend is boss or employer. Pls educate them on work life balance, cos their employee wont able to tell their boss on work life balance.. Everythg should start from Boss or employer to ensure work life balance.. money cant earn finish and job cant finish.. Let us together educate them bah.. if boss want to OT, OT yourself... dont get your stuff together with you when there is not value add to company. Learn to chase your staff home, the most stay half an hour.. njoy family time, trust me in the end is worth... Work problem solve can be solv ez, but family problem may not...
    Father of Princess Alicia

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