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A nanny who hopes to obtain a position with a celebrity family should move to Los Angeles or New York City. While there are celebrity families that choose to live outside the hub of entertainment, most reside near one of those two cities.

Celebrities are like any other people when it comes to hiring a nanny, except they have an even greater concern for security. A celebrity can easily become a target for exploitation of others. A nanny employment agency is sometimes the best choice, and you can find links to those in the Resources section. Although you may truly want to only nanny for a celebrity, you might want to avoid saying that to the agency. That is a red flag at some agencies since they dont't want star struck people who will bother their clients.

Going to places where celebrities frequent is one way of being noticed for a nanny position. For instance, if you wait tables at a high profile restaurant and are especially good with the children, you may initiate a conversation about your desire to nanny after a relationship has been established.

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