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This is a discussion on BEWARE of this CONFINEMENT LADY & AGENT within the General Parenting Discussion forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; I fired my 1st confinement lady after four days. Wanna share a very bad experience so that more can be ...

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    I fired my 1st confinement lady after four days.
    Wanna share a very bad experience so that more can be aware.

    The CL's name: Lee Lee aka. Lee Jie
    The agent's name: Madam Yue ( Hp: XXXX 5873 / XXXX 8813)

    Not only the CL can't cook, she dont't know how to take care of baby. Very dirty and always kept saying " shui bian" and anyhow do. The only thing that is clean is herself as she bath more than 5 times per day and wash her own clothes twice a day.

    For the eventful details. please read the following:

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    The day before we met them:

    When we called the agent, only then we were informed that the CL that we have selected has sprained her knee and unable to come. But immediately she has one that can come immediately on the same evening. We were skeptical as this agent always very hard to find and we have not seen this new CL before. However with such a short notice, we can only hope that she is still ok............

    nightmare began...........

    1st day (sat):

    She came happily and very eager to start. But I found it strange as her agent informed that she does not have her passport with her. Calculating the numbers of days to stay in sg, she might not be able to fulfill the agreed period.

    Another thing... she suddenly became very hardworking. But felt very strange as her hardworking does not tally with how she present herself. Anyway, it might just be her, so I just wait n see.

    She kept asking to clean the steriliser. I told her politely that we didn't have the need for the steriliser at the moment as I was breastfeeding. But she continue asking for it the whole day.

    The first thing she did when my baby girl woke up from her long sleep since journey back to hospital is to BATH.

    Without any changing mat, she just took off baby's clothes. The moment she saw poo in the diaper, her face turn very black. While she cleaned, she said... " sui bian jiu hao" (anyhow can), leaving much poo stain on the new romper!
    ( Luckily is the romper, not the mattress)

    Then she just took off everything and carry my baby girl naked to my living room where all the windows are opened!

    She dipped 3 days old baby in COLD TAPE WATER !!! My baby was crying very loudly and I was very angry as how could she bath a new born baby in cold water! She said......... " Sui bian jiu hao" , while my baby cry louder n louder.

    Then without towel and nothing prepared, she shouted that she wanted towel. So we have to run to the room to get. Only then she commented that the size of the towel too small.

    So naked........ baby is carried back to the room.... While she's still wet, she just put her in the cot and then ask me where are the clothes?!

    Then still wet, she started to dress baby.... Then she ask where was the lu yi oil. She applied LU YI OIL on her palm and rub and apply on baby's stomach and chest. Then she asked where are the nappy cream which we have brief her twice. Using the same palms, she apply nappy cream and rub and apply on the bottom. ( It also means that Lu Yi Oil is also applied to the bottom!)

    All these while, baby was crying non-stop, she did nothing to stop her crying, just commented.. why was she crying so much and she has never seen any baby crying so much like my baby!

    I was upset, so I just carry my baby away from her. Discussed that baby related activities will be done by ourselves. Even had a last min decision that baby to be slept with us.

    Dinner came, she didn't know what to cook so asked my dad how to cook..........first meal done by her is still edible as confinement food I guess that I couldn't complain much.

    At night, baby was crying and screaming, she didn't do anything or advise what to do. Instead, she just took the LU YI oil and apply on her palm and wanna apply again.......

    I look at her... crying dont't mean stomachache, in addition, she could be wanting other things too. Like milk, change of diaper, etc...... but she just kept pushing the Lu Yi Oil.

    Even my own dad came and advise what could be done and what happened. She just stood there with an unhappy look.

    2nd day (sun):

    She was mopping the floor, but left water stains everywhere and the floor was even dirtier than before. Even dusts that could be seen are not cleaned. She commented... just have to be sui bian.

    When I was cleaning my baby, she snatched my towel away and wanted to clean baby, commented "sui bian" and the way she clean was like never clean. Not gentle and like a plastic doll, she press so hard, bending her ears. I immediately removed her hands away from my baby.

    Then she asked me to go n bath......... I looked at her in misbelief.... so I asked her was I really allow to bath? She commented " Can Not Bath Meh??" I thought only mum will request to bath, never heard CL asking mum to bath.

    Not only that, her true self appeared as she become very slow in everything she did.

    I dont't know what happened, but she broke my basin..

    By dinner of the 2nd day, everyone is very tired of her cooking, as every meal is the same, same taste, same food, same cooking.

    Btw, during afternoon, she was so free that she did yoga on her bed and laze there for 3-4 hours. I am ok if she is tired, but she looked like staying for holiday.

    My husband was worried that during working day, I'm alone with baby and her, that he was thinking to take leave. Especially on the 3rd day, I have to go back to Clinic for review.

    The whole family have to plan as they are worried for me. My dad even suggested to take leave to company me and baby, with the CL.

    At night, I realised that she was coughing badly! & there was a cough pill bottle on her bed.....

    3rd day ( Mon):
    We arranged 9am to leave house to go for pediatrician & gynae appt. So by the time, I cleaned up my baby, time is running late, so telling her to close all windows, she didn't, instead she was frying food.........

    Since she was busy with her things, I wanted to close the window and she came in and offered to close for me. But she only close one room, leaving the rest of the windows all open.

    Her coughing got from bad to worse and she used up the tissue I packed in the baby bag!

    When I was waiting for test report, she wanted to go shopping in the hospital. Then I realised that she bought more coughing pills.......

    When we reached home, I realised that she left all electric appliances on, even slow cooker.

    Half an hour later, she suddenly came to my room and commented " always short circuit right? " So I asked again what she meant.. She replied " sg always got short circuit not meh?"

    She tripped my electic power circuit!! Then later put the blame on my husband saying he placed too much appliances. ( The fact is she switched on all the appliances even when without using)

    4th day ( tues):

    My mother-in-law came to my house to help out, knowing what was happening. The CL kept following my mother in law everywhere and kept claiming what good deals she had done. Even when my mother in law was taking care of the baby, CL will just stand like a student learning from mother in law. mother in law was not happy too, but didn't point out.

    After 8 meals of same food, same taste and same cooking, the dinner was different as mother in law was sitting and instructing CL step by step on how to cook and prepare a meal!!

    CL even complained that I didn't tell her what I want to eat,etc,etc. ( I always thought that confinement lady should know better what kind of confinement food I would need). She even boasted that my dad love her cooking very much ( Never heard that. Dad just said it was edible)

    CL even asked my mother in law to come everyday to help her! I was asking my mother in law, maybe I should pay her and not the CL then.

    Anyway, that's the last straw, we asked the agent to come and pick her up immediately.

    When the agent came, agent wanted more $$, stating that what we gave her is her commission, not the pay for the CL!

    CL then started complaining that we were speaking in English and she didn't understand. ( We spoke mandarin to her, while among ourselves in English for discussion)

    Then she even complained that she was not allow to use the steriliser! We didn't need it, why did she insist of using it?

    Suddenly she commented... my baby was crying so loudly at night that she was scared out of her wits!! ( That's only on the 1st night. I have to check my baby regularly so that she won't cry and disturb) But how could this CL said that she was scare due to the crying???

    So she sat there complaining and pointing that everyone is at fault. Even my dad and my mother in law were to be blamed........

    Anyway, only after 3 hours struggling with the CL and her agent, we finally sent them away.

    Then we found out that she spoilt my rice cooker...

    I hope that no one will meet with this same CL and faced what I did.

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    wow! i thot mine was bad enough. urs was really jialat case.

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