Hi, dear parents

I am a father of a nine months old girl and in the same time I am doing my post graduate vehicle design degree.

As a father I do really want to design a car for my family, so my research project is about hoe vehicles should be designed for a family with growing child.
We know that parents need several child seat and strollers as their children grow up, and when we bring it in to our cars, there are always some difficulties we may meet.
Therefore, I would like to invite you, the most knowledgeable and experienced person in the life of your child, to give me advice by participate the online consultation. I will ask lots of things about your family and how you use the vehicle with your child which we would like more information on and it would be great if you could answer these. dontít worry if you dontít want to answer them all.

All your answers will be kept anonymous and participation is entirely voluntary.

If you feel that you are able to help me, please join the online consultation by clicking this link.
Cars designed for a family with growing child
Your help is greatly appreciated.
Your input will help the car industry design an appropriate, safe and fun vehicle interior for families with children.