Hi gals

I am a new mum who loves to be healthy because I am still breastfeeding my gal who is 6 months old. I found out about a drink called MonaVie in during my third trimester that gives me such benefits! It's a drink filled with a punch as it is rich in antioxidant and helps the body to supercharge itself.

I love its taste and since taking it, I started to feel more alert and healthier.

Right now I am still drinking it regularly and as i'm still breastfeeding, it allows the benefits of the drink to go to her too!

In fact, whenever I feel weak or feel that I am getting sick, I will increase the among I drink to assist my body in fighting off the illness. After all prevention is better than cure and having a healthy body means that I will always be giving my babe healthy breast milk!

Cheers to good health!

Precious One