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cleaning baby girl labia

This is a discussion on cleaning baby girl labia within the General Parenting Discussion forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; My girl is 18 days old and today spotted her labia fold got stained with poo. Tried to gently pry ...

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    cleaning baby girl labia

    My girl is 18 days old and today spotted her labia fold got stained with poo. Tried to gently pry open and drip with wAter and use cotton to wipe. She end up crying big time. I gave up.

    Any tips for cleaning? I am afraid she will get uti if left ignored.

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    Jun 2011
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    cleaning baby girl labia

    Hi, my gynae told me to clean her using baby oil n cotton pad as girls tend to have discharge now n then, which is harmless. Pls whatsapp or SMS me at 96953403 if you need further details.

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    Re: cleaning baby girl labia

    When you give her a bath, just wash gently there... it will clean itself as well. Midwives and nurses advised us not to try to open and wipe the poo or there is a greater chance of pushing the poo in. So best to wipe the surface and when you bathe her, open a bit and wash.

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    Re: cleaning baby girl labia

    Every diper change i will fold cotton square and moist it with water, gentle and slightly open the labia area to clean downward.
    I'm a first time mummy and did not know must clean that area till almost 1 month at baby full month, my girl friend was helping to change the diper and saw both side of the labia cover with white thick stuff. She teach me how to and told me need to clean every time if not baby girl will easily get urine infection.

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