Hi Mummies,

My boy is 6 months plus and ready to move on to sitting in high chair for feeding. We have narrowed down our choices to the Stokke Tripp Trapp, Pali Pappy Youth Chair and the Svan.

However, each of the chair seems to have little flaws which bother us. The Tripp Trapp does not come with a tray which my husband and I believe is essential. The Pali Pappy tray does not come with a plastic cover and the safety harness is a pain to put on. The Svan seems to be the most ideal but it doesnt seem to come with safety harness. (Though there are non-Svan brand that makes the safety harness which fits the chair)

Would like to seek comment and feedback from anyone who owns a Tripp Trapp, Pappy and Svan. Especially Pappy cos I cant seems to find any feedback or blogg or review for it.

Thank you so much.