In the light of the recent 4 year old being injured in an escalator incident, i urge all parents to be mindful. I read that The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that there were about 11,000 injuries on escalators in 2007, mostly from falls. In addition, there have been at least 77 reports of entrapment -- when hands, feet, or shoes (mostly clogs and slide sandals) get trapped in the escalator -- since 2006.

Here's some tips on how to ride the escalator safely with children

Although the recent case it was said a "mysterious man" pushed the child. I think it's quite natural to sit back and think as the child was being taken care by a maid. So it may be a convenient scapegoat... Just my two cents
But it still is important to take note of the dangers on escalators!!!
Those who didnt hear about the news here's the news about the boy whose hand got trapped in the escalator