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This is a discussion on Diarrhea within the General Parenting Discussion forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; My baby just turn 4 months and sudden she is having diarrhea. I think from monday or tuesday. Went to ...

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    Unhappy Diarrhea

    My baby just turn 4 months and sudden she is having diarrhea. I think from monday or tuesday. Went to see doc , eat medicine but till now fri still not recovering at all.

    sigh.. tml early in morin have to bring her to see pediatrician.

    Now her bum got 2 little red sore skin about 1.5cm on left & right. It's so painful whenever we change diaper often for her and crys when we touch the 2 sore skin.

    Till date about 4 days no sign of better improvement... Feel like apply "Green Grass Oil" but scare she scream like hell

    If let say growing teeth, how long will e diarrhea stop ? i dont think is growing teeth ...

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    Re: Diarrhea

    Oh pls dont apply the 'qing cao you' on her butt!!! it not only wont helps on her nappy rashes and will worsen it!! and this is not even suitable for babies!! do you have Desitin at hm? apply a THICK layer on her butt on every nappy change. If her rashes is very bad, it might takes sometimes to recover. That time dear son also, took about 2 days for the pain to goes off and around 2 weeks for the 'scars' to lighten..

    And, teething will NOT cause diarrhoea. I only heard before it will cause watery stools, but not diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is super watery stool, more than 5x per day. If still persist, I think better bring her back to the pediatrician or hospital in case of dehydration.

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    Re: Diarrhea

    Go back to pediatrician. There are creams to apply for the rash that can be prescribed to you. My daughter had daktacort for the red rashes caused by diarrhea. Just a thin layer twice a day, followed by a thick layer of desitin. I also let her go diaperless. A bit messy I know but it's the best way to heal the wound. Get her pediatrician to prescribe probiotics as well. Good for her tummy. Is she taking smecta for her diarrhea?

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    Re: Diarrhea

    My dear son had diarrhoea for 10 days during Chinese new year .. We rushed to Kandang Kerbau Hospital emergency clinic after didn't stop 2 days , he poo 20 times everyday but appetite was okay.. then the doc say no need medicine to stop diarrhoea coz his bp was normal and no fever .. She said it will stop on it's own just prescribed pedialite for him.. But pity him poo many times he got very bad rash and he would cry everytime I change his diaper coz of pain.. Destin was prescribed coz previously I used to use drapolene no use .. Destin was very effective for him .. Rash went down very fast..
    After 2 days he got High fever along with his diarrhoea and I rush to Kandang Kerbau Hospital again and this time doc gave medicine for his diarrhoea and I could see it he recovered very fast .. And the frequency of his poo become very low .. But totally it last for 10 days ..
    Pls dont't ignore bring your baby to doc .. The doc told us it's gastroenteritis virus ..
    Hope your baby recover soon..
    Good luck ..

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