Technology has been development at a rapid pace. Processing powers getting faster, price getting cheaper. More and more educational companies starts developing apps and programs to ride onto the waves of the growing technology. I'm also seeing more people handing their tablets and phones to their kids to read, to study and to play.
What do you think? Is it a good thing that educational materials are now more interactive, cheaper and easier to get? Or is traditional methods of teaching better? Or do we just have to find a balance between technology and traditional teaching?
Here are some education apps, websites for your referencing.

A Hanyu Pinyin app made based on the MOE's syllabus for the Primary 1 students.

An interactive Storybook app
Touchoo - Thumbelina for iPad and iPhone - YouTube

A flash card app teaching daily things
Tots World - Educational Game Trailer - YouTube

An educational website for children - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8 Kids and Teachers